Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Ways to Please Her in Bed

Men are supposed to be the hunter in the dating game since time immemorial. They chase after young women who are deemed fit to bear their kids. This is to have offspring to propagate the human race so that there is continuity and survival. In order to be successful in the mating game, young virile men need to know ways to please their partners in bed and to avoid the mistakes of making love. For a start, it is best to go slow and not to be hurried in dating and even in love making. Make sure you have conveyed your love and be committed in the relationship. No woman likes to be used and treated like a spare tyre. They want to feel loved and treated like a queen. You have to convey the feelings that she is the most important person in your life and you would like to be her soul mate forever. Otherwise it is just like visiting a prostitute, have a quick sex and everything is over within minutes. That's why hookers are paid so much for their services. This is the oldest profession in the world when Adam and Eve were created.
--> Mistakes to Avoid
There are some general rules to have sex with your lady partner. First, never try to bed her on the on the first day unless you feel nothing for her. Most ‘Sex On The First Day' relationship rarely last and I said RARELY. There are times that the love between them is strong enough to hold them together but most times, she wakes up feeling used and that really makes seeing her again a little harder than it should be. Something most women love to do is talk and all they need is someone close to them to listen. The difference between her friend and you is that she can't get her friend to listen without saying something about what she's talking about but you will be expected to. No matter the topic, be quiet and listen because months or years later there will be "quiz". Something will make her ask about what she said and thou there not fail. Breasts are made of soft tissues located just above the chest muscles with plenty of mammary glands for producing milk. They should be treated with utmost care and gentleness. Force applied on it actually causes pain which is a step closer to making the pleasure pain. Do not hurry to get into her. Female take quiet a longer period to be ready so if hurried into it, she'll be harder to penetrate and be painful for her. Take time to make her feel special, make her feel she is wanted and not about to be used. If she's taking longer than expected then use lubricant. Do not force into her. Some ladies are expert in going a wild while some are not. It helps if on the first go "NOT WILD" and then take time to find out what she really is into before you go with her. Never try to get her to go wild on the first time mostly when she has not done it before. That should take longer
Have plenty of Hugs
Women loved to be hugged and caressed. Sex does not necessarily involve penetration but plenty of caressing and hugging is good enough for the lady. There should be sufficient foreplay to build up the momentum prior to sexual intercourse. Hugging means ‘I love you and want to be with you' - and your partner will enjoy lovemaking even more when there is plenty of hugging. This is one of the best ways to please her in bed other than enough caressing with gentleness.
Don't ejaculate too early
During sexual intercourse, as you plunge into her in and out rapidly, building the rhythm, make sure it is long enough for her to achieve orgasm before you ejaculate into her. Women take longer time to reach orgasm, the climax in any love making. If you ejaculate too early before she reaches orgasm, she will feel that sex is incomplete while she is building up her feelings to the pinnacle. When you take note of the aforementioned points, you will become a better lover and sex partner enjoying a great sexual relationship.